Area 51: Place With Full Security


A military base which is a remote detachment of Edwards’ Air force base is popularly known as Area 51. This place is 133 km away from Las Vegas. Area 51 is a large military airfield which is generally used for development of weapons and aircraft. The process of testing various weapons is associated with this place. The area provided a great contribution to Nevada test and training range and united state Air force.

Conspiracy theory with area 51 alien

According to a conspiracy theorist, Area 51 has already stored the remains of crashed UFO space craft. Area 51 is a famous air force based where the reverse engineer and government make use of highly advanced technology to get the remains of alien. One of the retired army also said that, he was provided with an option of accessing extra terrestrial materials. From the variety of UFO sightings Fodder for area 51 alien has come. Many exploder of the place has also named this place as dreamland.

Government has made this place a hub of developing the weapons and aircraft which also includes reconnaissance planes and stealth bombers. Other details about area 51 alien will be connected to national security. Further, it has been viewed that, military has hidden alien space craft and alien at area 51.

Security in Area 51

Government has associated a strict security system in Area 51. The access to the base will be possible by the authorized person. No general person or a stranger can access the base. The authorized people are allowed to enter inside the base with a shuttle. People are guarded to enter inside the base with a good security system. The small fleet boeing 737- 200s is unmarked with the three digital numbers associated with the prefix to Janet. The area has a vast mileage of desert. You will also not be in a position to have a look at the perimeter fence.

Detection of human sweat in Area 51

This area is also known as a no man’s land. The groom lake including in the area is surrounded by the camouflaged guards. A special creature having their nick name as cammo dudes are seen to travel in the area with Cherokee jeeps in order to monitor the border area of this place. They restrict the unwanted visitors willing to get inside the place. The place also has a support of electronic surveillance system. With the help of this, the base area becomes really safe and secured from unwanted people willing to get inside the place.

The electronic surveillance system in area 51 alien also monitors the equipment that can easily pick up human sweat. The intruders are charged with heavy penalties if they are seen to do something unethical and out of law. The support from military and air can also take action against something unauthorized in this no man’s land. US government has kept no stone unturned to keep the sites really safe and secure. You can get images of aerial satellite with a 3D map.

Source by Jonathan Reynold


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