Religious Death Cult Carcinogenic Blueprints


Intuitive emotional ideas from the past that now influence modern technology are important. Our seven day week of 24 hours a day, with each hour of 60 minutes, came from the Sumerian culture at the dawn of civilization in Mesopotamia. An intuitive wonderment about the geometric movement of objects in space brought that about. At the same time the idea of ​​infinity was about the Sumerian chief god giving eternal life to the keeper on the Ark during the Great Flood. That emotional idea directed in endless spiritually inspired warfare. This led to the point where artificial intelligence, according to Steven Hawking, will employ split nanoseconds of time within weapons of mass destruction, to bring about the destruction of civilization.

This conjecture points out the need for science to locate first cause principle logic to divert our extinction, by putting it into a computer to generate human survival simulations, then develop the human survival technology accordingly. The geometric evolutionary development of emotional reality is obviously relevant.

Descartes gave an unemotional first cause logic base to govern mainstream science, derived from his axiom, 'I think therefore I am'. Try telling that to two lovers wanting to create a child, in which case the first principle logic becomes, 'I feel and think, therefore we will be'. Freud's first cause principle of logic involved that very same joy of life reality. This first cause logic logic is needed to be part of the human survival computer generated human survival blueprint. Seashell lifeforms have an urge to reproduce. The world's largest technological research institute, IEEE, in 1990 reprinted such a computer program that discovered the blueprint for seashell evolution, placing it along such names as Louis Pasteur and Sir Francis Crick. However, the seashell research could not be associated with the human evolutionary process, which science has been sent to extinction.

This fanatical, religious, obsessive myopic fear of infinity was noted by the mathematician, George Cantor. First cause logic information for human evolution is obviously part of cell division. The geometric shape of the cell changes when it is poised to divide itself. The high resolution photograph of that geometric shape shows that it can not tolerate the functioning of mainstream science's logic. Cantor's despised heretical mathematics demonstrated that it is the human survival infinite electromagnetic field information that allows the cell division to function.

Epidemiologists, whose job is to study the healthy evolution of communities, have isolated a 3D stereoscopic virus within the scientific mind that has become a global epidemic. It is considered to be incurable and the best that can be done is to mitigate the damage it is causing. It is a strain of the virus associated with poker-machine mathematics being made to ensure bankruptcy if continuous playing occurs. This is linked to aesthetic sound and color images that can create an addiction to continuous playing, as strong as heroin addiction. Who is going to research the antidote to this virus, which belongs, not only to the global stock-market economy but to the electromagnetic devises responsible for the 3D virus that is now an epidemic?

The world debt of $ 200 trillion stunts healthy growth and development and can not be paid. Modern Western science, governed by the now obsoleste understanding of the universal heat law, is by its own definition, a death cult. Once again a religious inspired death cult is locked into a fight to the death with a religious rival.

Source by Robert Pope


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